Front view spray bottle of Melatonin Sleep Support Spray by Dr. Mercola.

Mercola Melatonin Sleep Support Spray

  • Product Description

    Mercola Melatonin Spray Helps You Fall Asleep and STAY Asleep!

    0.85 fl oz Spray Bottle ~ Serving Size: 0.5mg melatonin per a 6-spray serving ~ Servings per Container: 32

    Why is Mercola Melatonin Spray the Best Natural Sleep Aid?

    Melatonin is a naturally-occurring hormone in your body that promotes healthy sleep/wake cycles. Some people are deficient in melatonin, creating a disruptance in sleep pattern and causing sufferers to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep for an entire night's rest. Others need help adjusting to shift work, Daylight Savings Time changes, or travel across time zones.

    Mercola Melatonin Spray

    Mercola Melatonin Spray is an easy-to-deliver system, capable of spraying the perfect dosage of melatonin in its most bioavailable form. That means that you will receive the benefit of a good night's sleep as quickly as possible.

    • Helps you fall asleep faster
    • Enhances quality of sleep
    • Allows you to sleep longer
    • Safe for children, adults, and the elderly
    • Can be used to combat insomnia, jet lag, non-24 circadian rhythm disorder as the result of blindness, or shift work sleep disorder

    Melatonin Sleep Support

    Melatonin is a natural sleep enhancer that can be used to get your body's internal clock back on schedule. If your clock is being interrupted by outside sources, such as a lifestyle that keeps you awake at hours that do not follow the regular pattern of days and nights, melatonin is a good prescription sleep aid alternative.

    Mercola Melatonin Spray Instructions & Dosage

    Break Mercola Melatonin Spray Bottle tab. Turn right to unlock. Press actuator down 4 times to prime pump.

    As a dietary supplement, adults take 6 sprays one hour before bedtime as needed, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Mercola Melatonin Spray Ingredients

    Niacin, Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl), Proprietary Neuro Blend (GABA, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, Melatonin), Proprietary Extract Blend (CherryPure™ Tart Cherry Skin, Humulus lupulus, Ziziphus jujuba, Valerian officinalis root), Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin (palm), Xylitol, Citric Acid (beet/cane), Natural Preservative (potassium sorbate), and Natural Spearmint Flavor


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  • Other Details

    Size: .85 FL oz Spray Bottle
    Serving Size: .5mg melatonin per a 6-spray serving
    Servings per Container: 32
    Amount per Serving: See picture of product label for detailed information