About Us & Giving Back

Peaceful Planet is a dietary supplement and environmentally-friendly product supplier dedicated to promoting global health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes. We started out in 2008 as a website dedicated to giving information on how to "go green without spending a lot of green." Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, we morphed into an online retail store dedicated to bringing quality supplements and environmentally-friendly products to our customers.

Owners Kerrie and John Bross don't just sell healthy supplements and green products – we actually live this way. We recycle everything, use cloth napkins and rags, and have beautiful organic fruit and vegetable gardens. John has spent years researching and utilizing cover crops to enhance the fertility of our soil without the use of chemicals. We ourselves take many of the supplements we sell as well as give them to our two children to keep them healthy and support them when they're sick. Living green and minimizing toxin intake is a part of our daily lives and we strive to help others to do the same.

Peaceful Planet partners with the top manufacturers of natural vitamins and supplements on the market to bring you the very best health and wellness products available. The brands we sell reflect our mission to do our part for the planet and the people who live here. We look for products that are organic, fair-trade, wild-harvested, grass-fed and sustainably-harvested. Our vitamins and minerals are not derived from pharmaceutical-grade synthetics, as it is our philosophy that these essential nutrients cannot simply be manufactured, only harvested from naturally-growing plants. We only recommend natural supplements created from unrefined, freeze-dried plant sources and cold-pressed healthy oils. At Peaceful Planet, you will find the most potent whole food supplements available, made from the earth's finest ingredients. We also carry a diverse green living line of reusable home goods and water filtration systems. Many of the brands we sell also have environmentally-friendly practices in their businesses. These practices may be as simple as paper recycling or may involve major initiatives such as using wind power at the production plant.

Our guarantee is that everything you will find at Peaceful Planet is good for you and good for the planet. That means that we source only all natural, pure spplements and non-toxic, bpa-free products from manufacturers with the strictest environmental and fair-trade practices for our Peaceful Planet store. Visit us at www.peaceful-planet.com and get ready to make some positive changes in your life and our world!

Our Mission Statement:

Promoting a Peaceful Planet by...

  • Supplying Environmentally-Friendly, Organic, and Non-Toxic Products
  • Partnering With Fair-Trade and Ethical-Labor Manufacturers
  • Donating 1% of Every Sale to Environmental Preservation

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Peaceful Planet's mission is to promote natural health and wellness while supporting non-profit environmental sustainability efforts.

The Peaceful Planet motto is a simple one: “Good for you. Good for the Planet.” That means that we sell only those products that are all-natural, healthy, and proven effective. We also make a dedicated effort to run our business with as little impact on the environment as possible and even pledge one percent of our sales to support environmental conservation.

We are proud that our goals have not changed and our passion for saving the planet is unwavering since our founders wrote out a mission statement in 2008. Peaceful Planet products are carefully selected to assure their quality and respect for the environment.

Our annual donation of one percent of our store’s sales to 1% for the planet, an alliance of businesses and environmental activist groups dedicated to “creating a healthy planet,” increases with each passing year.

To this end, the support of our customers has allowed us to become sustaining contributors to a variety of local and national non-profit environmental preservation groups. As we have grown, our impact on social change has grown. 


About Our Authors:

Ali Wetherbee began writing for Peaceful Planet in 2014. She first became interested in natural health when Western medicine failed to effectively respond to her chronic health issues. She was a vegetarian for most of her life and vegan for nearly 10 years, but recently has moved toward a more traditional foods/Paleo-inspired diet in an effort to continually improve her health and that of her family. Ali is a mother to one child. She homeschools him and strives to pass on to him her healthy habits and natural health knowledge. Ali has a passion for researching and writing about various health issues and remedies. She also works hard to protect the environment by engaging in earth-friendly practices, ranging from composting food scraps, abstaining from disposable products, and avoiding toxins in foods and cleaning products, to hosting community clothing swaps and sharing her family's eco-friendly practices with others.

Colleen Russell is a mother of three, community health activist, and passionate writer. Colleen brings a plethora of knowlege to Peaceful Planet about nutrition, clean eating, and complementary health. In 2010, when her baby was diagnosed with severe food allergies and her older child developed an ulcer, Colleen realized that there was a huge lack of information available, even to the medical community, about the relationship between nutrition and overall health. We are happy to have her here to share all the knowledge that she has gleaned as she continues to research family wellness.